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Browse Our Database of Monster Truck Games
10 Wheeler Craz..
10 Wheeler crazy FREIGHT, you need safe transportation of the goods to the warehouse.
18 Wheeler 2
Drive your 18 wheeler in highways cross-country to deliver the cargo or try to park it in specific locations on some levels.
18 Wheeler Traf..
Get behind the wheels of a 18 wheeler and try your luck and skills in 8 insane crowded levels. Use your arrow keys to steer and drive the heavy truck ..
18-Wheeler Truc..
How fast can you drive this huge 18-Wheeler Truck?
3D Wheels Of St..
Drive a big truck through the city and collect the indicated number of packages. Drive safe and finish each level in time. Try not to hit other cars ..
4x4 Monster
Drive your 4x4 monster truck over mountains, cars, bridges and other obstacles.Try to complete each level in the shortest time.
4x4 Monster 2
Drive a big monster truck over mountains, cars and other obstacles while keeping your truck balanced. Complete each level in the shortest time and av..
Across Zombiela..
Use your monster truck to run down as many Zombies as possible.
Ambulance Rush
Drive your ambulance over the terrian. Feel free to crash anything blocking your way to the hospital.
Apocalyptic Tru..
Prove your driving and shooting skills in 9 apocalyptic levels where you drive your monster truck through hostile apocalyptic landscapes.
Artic Monster T..
Face the challenge that this harsh, highly discouraging environment, the Arctic region constitutes. A slippery, highly dangerous ice covered track to ..
Barrel Truck
Drive a heavy old truck with 2 trailers filled with barrels to the finish line. Adjust the speed with the obstacles in your way. Try to keep as many..
Bart Factory Tr..
Bart needs to deliver all kinds of items, but beware this is not an easy job. Be careful you don't lose too much stuff otherwise you won't make it to..
Batman Truck
Help Batman test his new Bat-Truck. Collect the bats in the air, for more score and to top up your boost.
Ben 10 Speed Tr..
Help Ben 10 to drive his monster truck through the mountains collecting all the Omnicoins you can to get more points. Try to be fast using your turbo..
Big Crazy Truck
Help the truck driver to pick up wood logs. Each stop another log will be added to the truck. Plus, make sure you reach the destination in the given ..
Bigfoot Truck
Race away in your fearless Bigfoot truck and take the golden cup for each of the 24 adrenaline rising levels. Jump over obstacles and land safely bac..
Bomb Transport ..
Drive your heavy truck loaded with bombs carefully.Watch the timer.You have limited time to transport the bomb.
Bush Rampage
President Bush is growing increasingly frustrated at the lenght of time it is taking to win the war in Iraq. He has decided to take matters into his o..
Cargo Delivery ..
Drive your vehicle to the spot where your cargo is resting, and try to connect it to the truck, but be careful, you can only do that if you are very p..
Cargo Express ..
Find your way through a bumpy road with your truck loaded of rocks. The main goal is to bring your freight to the destination with minimal loss. You ..
Cargo Retriever
Retrieve cargo that was lost during transport by some of your coworkers. The time is limited, depending on which difficulty level you choose. So try ..
Cargo Truck Tim..
Your objective is to delivery your cargo in less than a minute.Take care while driving. Don't let the cargo fall down nor crash the truck.
Carrier Truck
Carrier truck is a complex parking game.
Chaos Truck
Deliver some important cargo to your client, the traffic is a chaos and there is a group of people that are trying to hijack your truck. Each level ..